A frequently asked questions

1. I have a jewelry thet Part of it falls , you can have it in your case?

We provide service exclusively for jewelry purchased from our chain, welcome to come and be impressed and renewed.

2. Do you have zircons?

No, we only have diamonds

3. How long is the warranty on the jewelry?

Three months warranty (all our jewelry is manufactured to the highest standard and quality).

4. How do I know your jewelry is genuine?

For every purchase of jewelry at the branch or on the website, you will receive a gemological certificate with all the details on the jewelry you purchased and a certificate of warranty.

5. What is a gemological certificate?

A gemological certificate is an official and objective document that scientifically specifies the characteristics of diamonds or gemstones according to test results made in a gemological laboratory.

6. Is there jewelry without a diamond but only gold? If so a few carats?

Yes we definitely have jewelry that is just solid gold 14k – 18k And their sons earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces

7. What is the wire bracelet made of?

All our thread bracelets in all colors are made of strong, flexible wire wrapped in silk cotton thread durable.

8. How to tell the size of a ring?

The dimensions of the rings are arranged from 15 to 18 ml and there is an option to reduce and change at no extra charge.